GRUPPOLEGNO’s solid edge-glued panels are carefully selected by hand, one by one, in order to obtain uniform products in terms of tone and grain boasting excellent technical characteristics.

Gluing is carried out using modern high frequency technology which heats the glue layer and does not alter the wood itself awarding an excellent degree of stability and integrity


PVA glue conforms to DIN EN 204-D4
Moisture 10% +/- 2%
Formaldehyde conforms to Class E1
Surface finishing: grain 100

Harmonized Ash
White Beech
Steamed Beech
Yellow Iroko
Slavic Oak
Glacial Oak

Other species and dimensions can be requested.

SIZES measurements in mm
Thickness Width Maximum Length
12 1220 3400
20 1220 3400
25 1220 3400
32 1220 3400
42 1220 3400

Fixed or variable width staves from 40 to 110.