Glulamfor windows

The panels are fundamental components for the functioning of the finished window. GRUPPOLEGNO chooses the best raw material with the best specifications for each timber. The sections are products that conform to the strict CQA certification procedures. The selection for the composition of the section is done manually because only the experienced human eye is able to perceive the fibre, the variations in colour and the internal tensions of the wood. GRUPPOLEGNO’s selection procedure is unrivalled. Thanks to the high frequency technique, gluing is extremely reliable and permits maximum profile stability. The length and the section data is written on each profile to facilitate use. The barcode also retells the lifecycle of the product for transparency. All sections are supplied according to the client’s request or in packs.


External stave: whole
Internal panels: whole, flanked, finger-jointed
PVA glue conforms to DIN EN 204-D4
Moisture 10% +/- 2%
Formaldehyde conforms to Class E1

Harmonized Brown Ash
Yellow Iroko
Vertical Grain Larch
Liberian Niangon
Vertical Grain Pine
Semi Vertical Grain Pine
Standard Pine
Slavic Oak
Vertical Grain Oak from Slavonia
Glacial Red Oak
Vertical Grain Sapele

Other species and dimensions can be requested.

SIZES measurements in mm
Thickness Width Maximum Length Layers
48 – 87 96 – 6000 3
63 75 87 96 120 6000 3
72 75 87 96 120 6000 3
84 75 87 96 120 6000 4
96 – 87 96 120 6000 4