The wood elements are fitted together using the minizinkten system which means the joints are clean-cut and well defined.

The panels are therefore more compact, more stable and there is a significant improvement in the mechanical quality. GRUPPOLEGNO’s solid finger joint panels are particularly appreciated for the color matching and are often used for kitchen work surfaces, tables, stairs, furniture and various home fittings.


PVA glue conforms to DIN EN 204-D4
Moisture 10% +/- 2%
Formaldehyde conforms to Class E1
Surface finishing: grain 100

Ash tree
White Beech
Yellow Iroko

Other species and dimensions can be requested.

SIZES measurements in mm
Thickness Width Lenght
12 1220 4000/4300
19 1220 4000/4300
26 1220 4000/4300
32 1220 4000/4300
42 1220 4000/4300

Stave width 20/40 (+/- 2)
Possible length up to 6000