Over threegenerations

Early 1900s: founded by Luigi Lumaca (grandfather of the current CEO), the company deals in logging and log sales.

1950s: sawmilling activities begin with a portable log saw.

1960s: first permanent premises in Rome.

End of the 1980s: shares purchased in a forestry company with its own sawmill and veneer slicing plant, in Liberia (West Africa).

1990s: LUMACA LEGNAMI SpA sawmilling activities are transferred to the newborn Gruppolegno (1994) run by the third generation; it expands its activities to include gluelam and edge-glued panel production.


The employment of automated machinery with modern technology systems is considerable, however, it’s the expert human touch that makes the difference in terms of quality.

Careful selection of logs and lumber to the most rigorous standards has been a priority since the beginning.. This is at the base of GRUPPOLEGNO’s production cycle.

The whole process is carried out according to strict certification standards of CATAS QUALITY AWARDS

All our production takes place in a moisture and temperature controlled environment 24x7x365. The lumber, kiln-dried in modern inverter equipped drykiln chambers, then gang-ripped, computer optimized, planed using hydro tooled moulders and finally glued with modern high-frequency presses.

Once finished, every piece is controlled for manufacturing quality, and barcoded to identify its quality, production data and total traceability.



1. The know-how acquired over three generations has led to a careful selection of the raw materials directly in the countries of origin.

2. GRUPPOLEGNO produces the widest species range in gluelam products in the country.

3. The selection process and gluelam layer composition is done exclusively by hand. We don’t resort to automatic scanners because only the expert human eye can distinguish subtle differences in texture, color uniformity and internal tension with a raw material as varied as wood. GRUPPOLEGNO’s selection process is certainly more costly but it’s indisputable in terms of quality.

4. Gluing is performed using a high-frequency technique which heats the glue layer and not the wood. This awards a high degree of stability to the final product.

5. All products are CQA certified and also FSC® c114715 or PEFCTM/ 18-31-471 certified depending on their origin.

6. A barcode is assigned to every gluelam to attest its traceability.

7. Every piece has a label specifying sizes and lengths to facilitate handling.

8. Sophisticated IT systems allow us to confirm and manage almost 100% of stock availability in real time allowing customers to buy only what is needed and thereby keep waste to a minimum.

9. Orders are generally ready for delivery within 48 hours of placement.

10. GRUPPOLEGNO is always ready to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.